Solar energy produced in the heart of Colorado

In Boulder County, off of North 95th St, over 3,200 solar panels will create a 1.2 MW community solar garden – enough to power over 300 homes. Jack’s Solar Garden will be a model for farmers along the Front Range on how to produce renewable energy while improving agricultural production via agrivoltaics.

Jack's Solar Garden is nationally significant

Agrivoltaics  is the co-location of solar power and agricultural production. It is not a new idea, but is not in widespread use.

Jack's Solar Garden is the largest commercially active agrivoltaics 

system researching a variety of crop and vegetation growth under solar panels not just in Colorado, but in the US!

Accepting applications from all Colorado Xcel customers for a limited time only

Part solar farm, part garden, and a whole lot more

Researchers are partnering with Jack’s Solar Garden to study growing crops underneath and around our solar panels. Audubon Rockies has established a large pollinator habitat around our solar array while a local non-profit farming organization will train young farmers to cultivate crops under our solar panels. Front Range schools will be invited to tour our farm to show kids the future of solar + agriculture.


What does it mean to be a residential subscriber?

Pay a one time subscription

Residents can pay a one time upfront fee similar to buying solar panels for your roof. No further payments will be due to Jack’s Solar Garden for the duration of your subscription.

The solar garden is built

Jack’s Solar Garden will be operational by the end of October 2020!  Subscribers are invited to view construction progress and to participate in annual farm events for years to come!

Receive a credit on your monthly energy bill

Not only does your subscription support myriad social and environmental benefits, but you will receive monthly bill credits against your Xcel Energy electricity bill.

Our commercial subscribers

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Who is Jack?

Jack Stingerie, my grandfather, purchased our family’s 24-acre farm in Boulder County in 1972. He retired here and farmed hay and alfalfa until he passed away in 1980. Since then, the farm has passed to his daughter and my mother, Eloise Kominek. In 2018, Kurt Kominek, my father, and I founded Jack’s Solar Garden in memory of and thanks to Jack for the opportunity to do more with this land for our community.

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Photos of solar panels with crops and pollinators on our website are representative of agrivoltaic solar gardens and are attributed to project sites of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Jack's Solar Garden intends to be established in a similar fashion.