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Solar energy produced in the heart of Colorado

In Boulder County, off of North 95th St, over 3,200 solar panels creates a 1.2 MW community solar garden – enough to power over 300 homes. Jack’s Solar Garden is a national model for governments, solar developers, and farmers for how to produce renewable energy while continuing agricultural production via agrivoltaics.

Jack's Solar Garden is nationally significant

Agrivoltaics  is the co-location of solar power and agricultural production. It is not a new idea, but is not in widespread use.

Jack's Solar Garden is the largest commercially active research site for  agrivoltaics in the USA! Come visit us to learn more about the microclimates we have created and the crops we are growing!

Agrivoltaics: Solar Farm to Table
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2022 Artist on the Farm:
Jeff Goldberg

Say hello to Jeff Goldberg, Jack's Solar Garden's 2022 Artist on the Farm. Jeff is a full-time photographer in Boulder, Colorado. He enjoys all aspects of photography from nature/wildlife to working with aspiring models to educating community members about photography techniques. Jeff plans on hosting photography workshops at Jack's Solar Garden this season along with having models pose within our agrivoltaic system and creating novel pieces of art with his photos.

Check out Jeff's work at: 



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Come Tour Jack's Solar Garden with the Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center:
Connecting our Community to Clean Energy and Local Food

Jack's Solar Garden is partnering with the Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center (a nonprofit project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center) to connect students and community members to clean energy, local food, and responsible land use management through agrivoltaics. Through on-site tours of Jack's Solar Garden, the Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center will teach and inspire you about how our society can improve our land use management practices by combining two known practices - agriculture + solar energy. 

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Photo by: Longmont Leader

The Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center is offering public tours of Jack's Solar Garden from the April 23rd through October 29th on Saturday mornings at 10am! Click here to buy your ticket for your preferred date.

The Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center is hiring a dedicated education specialist to provide educational opportunities to high school students. The new hire will start June 1st and will be able to work with science teacher and students thereafter. If you're a science teacher and interested in learning more, reach out to info@agrivoltaic.org and we'll get you on the list of people to reach out to when the education specialist is ready this summer!

Private group tours are also offered, click here to learn more!

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Part solar farm, part garden, and a whole lot more

Researchers are partnering with Jack’s Solar Garden to study growing crops underneath and around our solar panels. Audubon Rockies has established a large pollinator habitat around our solar array while Sprout City Farms is cultivating crops under our solar panels. The Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center hosts local high schools, community members, and private groups at our farm to showcase the future of solar + agriculture.


Our partners

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Our commercial subscribers

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Thank you to all our Residential Subscribers

All that Jack's Solar Garden is and will be is only possible through the subscriptions of numerous residential subscribers in Colorado.

Thank you so much to our residential subscribers and I hope each of you come out to our farm each year to see what your support is providing to our community.

Subscribers - always feel free to reach out with questions and requests to visit our farm.


Who is Jack?

Jack Stingerie, my grandfather, purchased our family’s 24-acre farm in Boulder County in 1972. He retired here and farmed hay and alfalfa until he passed away in 1980. Since then, the farm has passed to his daughter and my mother, Eloise Kominek. In 2018, Kurt Kominek, my father, and I founded Jack’s Solar Garden in memory of and thanks to Jack for the opportunity to do more with this land for our community.

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