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How to become a subscriber in three easy steps

1. Send your application

For an existing home or business:

Fill out an online Xcel Energy Data Request Consent form that can be found online here. Once you fill out the document online, click Done and DigiSigner will automatically send Jack's Solar Garden your completed form. By filling out this form, Xcel Energy will provide         Jack's Solar Garden your previous year's electricity usage in order for us to appropriately size a subscription for you. will then be in contact with you typically within 5 business days. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

For a new building or home addition:

Email the relevant Home Energy Rating System (HERS) report or a professional engineer’s stamped energy load analysis. To use a Jack’s Solar Garden subscription to meet City or County regulations, also send the relevant report that specifies the energy (in kWh per year) needed to be offset via a community solar garden.

Do be in contact with the relevant local government official managing local energy conservation regulations.

2. Choose your subscription

Through consultations with Byron and the analysis of your energy needs, select the number of panels you want to subscribe to: a minimum of four (4) panels up to the number of panels that will provide 120% of your annual electrical energy needs.

Are you eligible?

The Xcel Energy SRC program is offered through third party Subscriber Organizations (like Jack's Solar Garden). This means you work directly with Jack's Solar Garden to sign up. Your subscription must meet the following criteria.

You live in Colorado

If you live outside of Colorado, sorry!

Only residents, businesses, or local governments in Colorado can on the Xcel Energy electric grid can subscribe to Jack's Solar Garden.

You are an Xcel Energy electricity customer

If you have an Xcel Energy electricity account, good news! You are eligible to be a Jack's Solar Garden subscriber! 

3. Complete the subscriber agreement forms

Complete both a Jack’s Solar Garden subscription agreement and an Xcel Energy Solar*Rewards Community subscriber agreement form (both will be provided to you during the application process). Your subscription, simply make your one-time payment via valid check.

Still have questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions or contact Byron by emailing

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