Your Step-by-Step Process to Subscribe to Jack's Solar Garden


Contact Byron Kominek ( to express your interest in, and to ask any questions about,     Jack’s Solar Garden.


Through consultations with Byron and an analysis of your previous year's energy usage, select your subscription (minimum of 4 panels with a maximum of 120% of your annual energy usage).


Complete both a Jack's Solar Garden subscription agreement and an Xcel Energy Solar*Rewards Community subscriber agreement form. Then, simply make your payment.

Who is Eligible to be a Jack's Solar Garden Subscriber?


The Xcel Energy SRC program is offered through third party Subscriber Organizations (like Jack's Solar Garden). This means you work directly with Jack's Solar Garden to sign up. Your subscription must meet the following criteria.

  • You must be a Colorado, Xcel Energy, retail electric customer.

  • Your total subscriptions must not exceed 120 percent of your average annual electric energy usage. This is calculated by adding up the kWh you’ve used over the last 12 months and multiplying by 1.2. This 120 percent requirement is the most you can sign up for across renewable energy programs you are signed up for (e.g., if 80% of your usage is met by your rooftop solar or another community solar garden, you can sign up for up to an additional 40% of your usage with Jack's Solar Garden).

  • You may not be subscribed to more than 40 percent of a Community Solar Garden's name plate capacity (i.e. the total energy production of Jack's Solar Garden), including using multiple premises and/or meter locations. The minimum subscription is 1 kW unless the subscriber is qualified as low-income in which case there a 0.100 kW minimum.

  • Your electric premises must be in the same county as the garden you’re subscribing to or in an adjacent county.

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