Residential subscription pricing

Subscriptions are for 5, 10, or 20 years and vary in size depending on your energy needs. The more electricity you want, the more panels you subscribe to. Subscribers receive bill credits on their monthly Xcel Energy electricity bills for the duration of their subscription.


No further fees will be due to Jack's Solar Garden for the duration of the subscription. Further details are described in the Jack's Solar Garden Subscriber Agreement.


one-time upfront subscription fee

5 Years

per 380-W panel

10 Years

per 380-W panel

20 Years

per 380-W panel


~3,900 kWh/yr


~7,750 kWh/yr


~11,600 kWh/yr


~15,500 kWh/yr


~19,400 kWh/yr

















Our panels are estimated to produce 744 to 817 kWh/year with an average of ~775 kWh/year, based on an NREL analysis of our designs and weather data from 1998-2017.

Please contact for information on business pricing and payments. Include information about location, kWh per month or year that your business uses, and how your business ethos matches our efforts here at Jack's Solar Garden.

Social and environmental benefits

It's not just about saving on your electric bill. By becoming a subscriber, you help your neighbors (and the environment) in multiple ways.

Supporting agricultural research

For every $1, Society receives $32 of Benefit (Source: USDA 2014 Spurring Innovation in Food and Agriculture )

Creating a pollinator habitat

For every panel purchased, we estimate $100 of societal benefit over 20 years

Donation of 2% of electricity bill credits to low income households

For every panel purchased, $28 will support these bill credits for 20 years

Business subscription pricing

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Photos of solar panels with crops and pollinators on our website are representative of agrivoltaic solar gardens and are attributed to project sites of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Jack's Solar Garden intends to be established in a similar fashion.