Subscription Pricing

one-time upfront subscription fee

to support the growth and community benefits of Jack's Solar Garden

Our panels are estimated to produce 744 to 817 kWh/year with an average of ~775 kWh/year,    based on an NREL analysis of our designs and weather data from 1998-2017.

Subscriptions are for 5, 10, or 20 years. Subscription sizes can vary from 4 panels up to 120% of your energy needs.

Subscription Duration

Cost Per 380-W Panel

 5 Panels 

Example Pricing

10 Panels

15 Panels

 20 Panels

 25 Panels


    5 Years







   10 Years







   20 Years






~3,900 kWh/yr

~7,750 kWh/yr

~11,600 kWh/yr

~15,500 kWh/yr

~19,400 kWh/yr

Subscribers will receive bill credits on their monthly Xcel Energy electricity bills for the duration of their subscription based on the number of panels selected.

Detailed information on bill credit calculations can be found in the Colorado Electric Tariff Book (specifically on Sheet 114F: Solar Rewards Community Service). Below is the Rate Schedule for Fixed SRCS Credits for 2019 that are generated per kWh. These values are expected to increase for the 2020 Rate Schedule, usually published before January 1st. 

No further fees will be due to Jack's Solar Garden for the duration of the subscription. Further details are described in the Jack's Solar Garden Subscriber Agreement.

Benefit Analysis

financial benefits

Bill credit production depends on your individual electricity rate schedule from Xcel Energy.
Below are examples of per panel annual bill credit production by rate schedule.

Rate Schedule

2019 Bill Credit per kWh

Bill Credit per panel per year  

(estimated per NREL analysis)

Bill Credit per panel for 20 years (assuming 3% annual increase)

Bill Credit per panel for 10 years (assuming 3% annual increase)

Bill Credit per panel for 5 years (assuming 3% annual increase)

R - Residential






C - Commercial






SG - Secondary General






SGL - Secondary General Low-Load 






social & environmental benefits

Social / Environmental Benefit from Your Subscription

Estimated Societal Multiplier


Supporting Agricultural Research

For every $1, Society receives $32 of Benefit

Pollinator Habitat Establishment and Upkeep

For every panel purchased, we estimate $100 of Societal Benefit over 20 years

Values to be updated when Source is available

Donation of 2% of Electricity Bill Credits to Low-Income Households

For every panel purchased, $28 will support these bill credits for 20 years

Educational Tours for School Kids

Upon completion of our solar array, kids will learn food and power can be produced in the same spot.

This is priceless

The Consent to Disclose Xcel Energy Utility Customer Data is the first step in determining whether you are eligible to be a Jack’s Solar Garden subscriber. By providing your consent in this document and requesting a data collection period for at least the previous year, Jack’s Solar Garden will see your historic energy consumption and let you know the maximum size subscription for which you are eligible.

The SRC Subscriber Agency Agreement is a standard form required by Xcel Energy to acknowledge that you are a subscriber to Jack’s Solar Garden and are scheduled to receive electricity bill credits based on your subscription to Jack’s Solar Garden. This form will be filled out by both you and Jack’s Solar Garden at the same time the Community Solar Garden Agreement is signed between the same parties.

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